Introduction to Geochronology

This was a one day course, held at the British Geological Survey, in conjunction with the Metamorphic Studies Group Research in Progress Meeting.

The aim of the course was to provide some of the fundamentals and principles behind geochronology, from mineral selection to data reporting. The course was run as five lectures, which are available below.


Course content:

1 - Geochronology – basic principles

Parent/Daughter ratios, decay constants, minerals

2 - Framing the problem (1) – What and why?

sampling, targeting, mineral chronomoters and meanings

3 - Framing the problem (2) - Petrochronology

imaging, trace elements, metamorphic examples

4 - Rocks into Ratios

mass spectrometry, traceability, dissolution chemistry

5 - Ratios into Dates

uncertainties, reporting, reading legacy data