Isotope Geochemistry Training

This website is designed as a 'training warehouse' for UK based early stage researchers, such as those involved with NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships, other PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and others who require advanced training in mostly isotope geochemistry*.

This site lists a series of short courses that are planned to take place in the future, or have happened in the recent past.  The courses are organised by members of the UK isotope geoscience community to cover a wide range of topics, and this website serves as a central location to advertise planned course and provide a location for associated training materials.  This is an aspect of the website we would like to develop with time.

The portfolio of training courses on offer across the UK is developing in response to the communities needs - please contact us using the Facebook Group page if you would like to see a course developed on a specific topic. 

For more information, please contact Dan Condon

*at the moment the focus is in the area of isotope geochemistry but courses that are of tangential interest will also be found here!